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Social Media and Search

With social media now a part of many digital marketing strategies, it makes sense to ensure your social media efforts are being leveraged for search.

The search engines are continually evolving their algorithms to include social search results and some social elements are thought to be included as ranking factors, so it’s more important than ever to ensure that you not only have a social presence, but that it’s optimised correctly to capitalise on rankings.

By optimising your social media platforms, you can better control your brand’s presence in the search results.

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Social Marketing and SEO

Monitor, leverage and optimise…..

Monitor: We’ll help you listen and assess the online conversations and activity that’s happening right now about your brand.
Leverage: We’ll help you identify the social platforms (and users) which present the greatest opportunity.
Optimise: We’ll provide strategic recommendations and implementation support to ensure you’re leveraging your social presence for organic search results. There are lots of considerations for optimising your social media. For example, the number of Facebook likes/shares shows a high correlation with higher rank.

Linking & Outreach: Social media linking for SEO benefit can be categorised in three different distinct areas:

•  Social bookmarking
•  Social profiles – forum posts/profiles, facebook, Linkedin, twitter
•  Social blogging – e.g., WordPress comments.

Search engines look to social signals to rank and provide a better response to a user’s query.

Social Marketing and SEM

More than 1 billion users are on facebook alone – add to that all the other social networks now and that’s a massive  audience to put your advertising messages in front of. So it makes complete sense for you to extend your PPC campaigns to social media networks. We’ll show you how to do it in the most effective way by working with you to:

•  Build an SEM Social Media Strategy
•  Implement an SEM Social Media Campaign Build
•  Manage the campaign ongoing.

The optimisation strategies are very akin to standard paid search so we’re well placed to run an effective paid social search campaign. In addition, we can develop an Internal Social Media Policy for your brand as well as conduct a full Social Media Audit.

Our performance-based approach and premium service have enabled us to develop a blue-chip client list that includes Medibank, ahm, Foxtel, Toyota and Lexus.

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