Performance Display Advertising

The way marketers plan, purchase and execute display campaigns is changing.

With new technologies (such as DSPs (Demand-Side Platforms), SSPs (Supply-Side Platforms), DMPs (Data-Management Platforms) and agency trading desk etc.) available in market now, online advertising can be purchased and served on the fly. Instead of buying advertising space at a fixed/negotiated cost, advertisers now can bid on each ad impression at real-time.

At FirstClick Consulting, we understand maximising revenue and commercial ROI are our client’s top priority and we believe the display campaigns should be measured and managed in the same fashion. Our performance-based approach to Performance Display Advertising, coupled with extensive search engine marketing experience allows us to plan, execute and optimise your display campaigns in most effective and efficient way.

To drive maximum revenue and ROI from your display campaigns, we optimise three key levers: placements, landing pages and creative. We’ll work together to ensure you’re targeting the most appropriate audiences and channels, which is essential for achieving the best revenue growth through display advertising.

We leverage the best DSPs in market to ensure our clients display campaign is well optimised and achieving the commercial targets.

Our Performance Display services include:

  1. Performance display campaign strategy development
  2. Performance display campaign management & optimisation
  3. Demand-Side Platforms (DSPs) recommendation
  4. Retargeting strategy development
  5. Cross channel tracking
  6. Dynamic creative optimisation
  7. Performance display campaigns auditing

Our performance-based approach and premium service have enabled us to develop a blue-chip client list that includes Medibank, ahm, Foxtel, Toyota and Lexus.

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