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Web analytics is all about driving high-impact business insights from data. Let’s call it another step in driving greater ROI…

We can help you make more informed marketing decisions regarding your website and marketing campaigns that will increase your ROI and generate real business results. Analytics is at the heart of everything we do here at FirstClick – it should be with you too.

We provide an entire suite of analytics products and services tailored specifically to your website. We’ll train you on how to use your data to your advantage – we’ll even show you how to love your data so you’ll never want to make another decision without it.

Here’s what we can offer you:

Analytics Audit

  • Review set-up, troubleshoot & ensure best-in-class analytics measurement for your website
  • Ensure visibility into user behaviour & integrity of data so you can use it to steer your decisions

Analytics Reporting

  • Build effective dashboards, alerts & automated reports for you and your various stakeholders – they’ll be easy to use and gather insights from.
  • Create business value through data-driven insights & recommendations – yep, we’ll show you where your conversions are (and aren’t) coming from.

Goals and Funnel Intelligence

  • You’ll be able to easily evaluate your website’s drop-offs, paths to purchase & funnel behaviour so you can change accordingly.
  • We’ll help you identify opportunities to improve ROI by improving the conversion funnel path.

Competitor Intelligence

  • We can set you up so you can view your search & site results through a competitive lens by enabling search market share reports and showing you how to read them properly.
  • We’ll deliver insights that inform paid & organic search tactics as well as your broader marketing strategy.

Conversion Rate Optimisation

  • Through rigorous Conversion Rate Optimisation, we’ll test variations of key landing pages & conversion funnel components to grow your revenue.
  • We’ll help you drive business results with ongoing optimisation & improve conversion rates by up to 500% for increased ROI.

Attribution Modelling

  • We’ll develop a custom model tailored to your unique consumer journey and report on everything from First Click, Last Non-Direct Click, Linear, Time Decay and Position Based components.
  • We’ll help you determine the impact of all digital channels on your conversions. We can also assist with developing a custom ROI model for your brand.

Call Tracking

  • We can help you close the loop on call centre leads with a complete call tracking service and implementation.
  • We will enable new optimisation opportunities & improve targeting, segmentation and accuracy.

In-Store Retail Tracking

  • Our experts can map in-store behaviour to online behaviour with in-store tracking – no more guesswork and more insightful strategy between online and offline.
  • We can fully enhance the consumer experience by understanding how online/offline interplay.

Analytics Training

  • Do you want better interpretation of reports within Google & Adobe analytics? We’ll show you how to live and breathe these reports so it’s second nature to use data insights to make decisions.
  • We’ll tailor the training especially for you.

We use best of breed tools and technologies to help you achieve the deepest and most meaningful insights from the activity on your site:





And our own customised reporting and analysis tool for even deeper insights is FirstClick Intelligence™ which allows you to analyse all the data in one central place in a quick and easy manner.

FirstClick is a Google Analytics™ Certified Partner

As a Google Analytics™ Certified Partner, FirstClick can offer you top-class analytics to help provide you with the best insights into your website visitors.

Certified Partners have access to the latest training, knowledge and trial features which are not publicly available.

Our team has completed a rigorous testing and interview process with Google to successfully wear the badge of a GA Certified Partner – now we want to ensure our clients reap the benefits.

Google Universal Analytics

Universal Analytics is the new gold standard for Google Analytics. With a range of new, cutting edge features and benefits, you’re now able to gain even deeper insights into your traffic.

These are the key benefits to using Universal Analytics:

  1. One of the biggest opportunities for you is the ability to track a single user across multiple devices. This will address one of the biggest challenges of analytics today – tracking and understanding the multi-device customer.
  2. The ability to manage settings such as custom variables and referral exclusions without requiring a developer. This means you can easily track custom metrics exclusive to your brand.
  3. Dimension widening allows for additional explorer capabilities; great for eCommerce for adding product details.
  4. You can import additional data through the measurement protocol which allows for streamlined tracking of your offline activities such as your call centre interactions, and the ability to marry that activity with your online data.

If you’re looking for deeper insights to give you the competitive edge and drive better ROI, get in touch with us today for a free consultation. Phone 1300 801 942 or email.

Our performance-based approach and premium service have enabled us to develop a blue-chip client list that includes Medibank, ahm, News.com.au. Foxtel, Toyota and Lexus.

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