What Universal Analytics means for your brand and why you need to upgrade now

Universal Analytics is the new gold standard for Google Analytics and you will soon be required to upgrade your account. We recommend you move quickly as the new features released this month will dramatically improve your insights and understanding of your website traffic.

Here are the top 5 reasons why you should upgrade to Universal Analytics today:

  1. One of the biggest opportunities for you is the ability to track a single user across multiple devices. This will address one of the biggest challenges of analytics today – tracking and understanding the multi-device customer.
  2. The ability to manage settings such as custom variables and referral exclusions without requiring a developer. This means you can easily track custom metrics exclusive to your brand.
  3. Dimension widening allows for more detailed categorisations across reports; great for eCommerce brands to add detailed reports around product categories and/or price range.
  4. You can import additional data through the measurement protocol which allows for streamlined tracking of your offline activities such as your call centre interactions, and the ability to marry that activity with your online data.
  5. Every site will eventually be migrated to Universal; stay ahead of the curve and upgrade today!
Image courtesy of Google

The upgrade process is not a simple point and click change. If your brand relies on GA for understanding your online performance and informing your decisions, the upgrade should only be made with the support of a Google Analytics Certified Partner.

We look forward to sharing some exciting case studies and implementation successes with you soon.

For more information, visit our Analytics page or get in touch today.


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