Top tips for targeting mobile users on Facebook

As the path to purchase is becoming more complex, it’s paramount to reach your audience at the right time and in the right place. Facebook provides a great opportunity to do both.

At a recent FB Open House event, one of the interesting statistics mentioned was that 20% of of all time spent on mobiles is on Facebook or Instagram.

So what’s the best way to target the right audience and ensure you are capturing users on mobile? Let’s take a look….

Audience Targeting

Targeting your audience at scale will deliver the best results. The ‘right’ targeting options will depend on your campaign objectives.

Here are the key audience types to consider:

  • Core audiences – target users based on location, interests, age, gender and behaviour (based on the information available to Facebook through user profiles), and on what is relevant to your objectives.

For example, if you were an education provider offering veterinary courses, you may wish to set up a campaign targeting school leavers. Using core audiences you can target teenagers between the ages of 17 and 19 who live in Sydney but also have an interest in animals. If this is the case, it would be worth setting up another separate campaign targeting parents too, (with tailored ads for each audience) as parents will in most cases get involved or influence their children’s education decisions.

If you are unsure of who your key audience is, you can always start off by targeting both genders, all age groups, relationships, and interests relevant to your business. Once there is significant data, you can then review performance looking closely at age and gender etc, and refine your campaign settings to ensure your budget is being spent efficiently and on the right audience.

  • Custom audiences – allows you to target your existing audience on Facebook by uploading your existing customer list to Facebook privately (email, phone numbers, user IDs etc)

You can find out more about custom audiences here.

Keeping the example of the education provider, some prospective candidates may have already expressed an interest in your institution by calling, filling out a lead form or requesting further information on your courses or student support. You could upload a list of email addresses to specifically target these users for your campaign. Alternatively, if you now offer a degree course or masters you could target past or existing diploma students by uploading their information to Facebook.

  • Lookalikes – enable you to reach users who are more likely to be interested in your product or service because they are similar to your existing audience. There are two lookalike audience options to choose from.
    1. Reach – this option gives your campaign greater reach. To do this Facebook takes into consideration the country you have selected to target and includes the top 5% matching ‘lookalike’ profiles.
    2. Similarity – similar lookalikes also use the same location targeting settings and includes the top 1%  matching ‘lookalike’ audience.

If your campaign objective is to acquire new customers, my advice would be to exclude existing customers from your campaign. By doing this you can avoid ‘annoying’ your existing customers by showing them your ads and it means that your budget will be spent more efficiently.

Facebook Exchange

In addition to the targeting features above Facebook Exchange (FBX) is a powerful way to boost the success of your campaign and works complimentary to your existing social strategy. FBX uses real time bidding through DSPs and collects user data through cookies. It’s an efficient and effective way to expand your campaign reach (based on user behaviour) and to drive results. FBX ads are priced through CPM.

While FBX offers things like dynamic creative and more granular targeting, the one downfall is that it is currently not available on mobile. FBX is not mobile friendly right now but custom audiences and lookalikes have cross device targeting capabilities.

Reaching your Audience on Mobile

The ad options you choose also determine which devices your ads appear on. Be careful when creating ad sets and ensure you opt in to target both mobile and desktop e.g. for page post ads.

Selecting the right ad option is also important. For example if you want to drive app installs or re-engage with users. A separate ad is required for mobile and desktop.

Once your campaign has generated significant data this can be used to analyse the campaign performance and provide insights to allow you to make insightful and informed decisions on how to proceed with your campaign, what optimisations can be made and if budget needs to be adjusted.

A few things to bear in mind…..

  • Facebook advertising is a simple way to ensure your audience keeps your brand top of mind. Having fun and being playful with your messaging can help to keep your audience engaged.
  • During the Facebook webinar on Audience Targeting hosted by Farrah Zubeir in June we learned that 62% of Facebook users return to Facebook daily and that over half of these users are on mobile. Think of mobile as the most important part of your campaign and ensure if you are directing users to your website from Facebook that it is a good mobile experience.
  • The screen is smaller on mobile and the placement of your ad is important. Facebook recommend using a combination of both Newsfeed and Right Hand Side placements for campaigns. According to Facebook, the Newsfeed is the most powerful position and that on average users check their newsfeed 14 times a day!
  • Mobile App and Install ads are successful for retaining and engaging users and driving conversions.
  • Remarketing on mobile can be done through website custom audiences. Be careful with custom audiences as you cannot cap frequency, however segmenting custom audience and excluding relevant audiences helps.
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