The Top Five Reasons Your Company Should Be Using Call Tracking – right now…

The Top Five Reasons Your Company Should Be Using Call Tracking – right now…

Customers today move seamlessly between channels in the path-to-purchase. They may shop around online to find the best prices, they may browse in-store to get a feel for products, and they may phone your call centre to seal the deal.

With an estimated 43% of all online initiated conversions taking place over the phone (Delacon, 2015), the ability to monitor and measure the link between online research and telephone-based inquiries and sales is becoming increasingly important.

Enter call tracking – a service that enables you to follow a customer’s journey as they segue between the online and phone channels.

What is call tracking? 

Put simply, call tracking is the ability to capture data about a customer’s phone behaviour that was generated through an online interaction. In Australia, companies such as Delacon, Jet Interactive and Avanser are leading the way with software solutions and call tracking monitoring and reporting systems.

The simplest implementation uses a unique phone number for your website allowing you to reconcile the number of calls to that number.  More sophisticated implementations assign dynamic rotating phone numbers to users from a pool as they arrive onsite and uniquely identify a single user for the length of their browsing session.  Consequently we can track where that user came from and what they did prior to picking up the phone.

The technology integrates with analytics platforms to deliver rich insights about the customer, such as their online browsing activity in the lead-up to the call, their ISP, the referring URL, their location, and more. Further, it can help identify search keywords and online channels that yield the best results in marketing campaigns, giving marketers the knowledge they need to optimise future campaigns.

Why use call tracking? 

Brands generating online leads have historically optimised their marketing based on the last online touch point, such as completing an enquiry form.  But what about the people picking up the phone?  The traditional model will see marketers changing their campaign strategy based on only half the data.  A unique approach for phone leads and online leads is essential to avoid mistakes such as inaccurately tweaking efforts which may result in less phone leads – which potentially yield the highest conversion rate.

The latest in phone tracking sends call outcome data back to your tracking platform.  This means rather than just recording what caused a phone call (a lead) you can also track an actual sale and the value of that sale.

Call tracking helps you to:

  1. Follow a customer journey from initial online search through to offline call inquiry and sale
  2. Reverse-match call inquiries to search terms and optimise accordingly
  3. Be one step ahead when on an initial call with the customer, because you know where they have come from and what they have searched for prior to the call
  4. Follow-up with customers via SMS, to provide more information on the product or service
  5. Understand a sale content with call wrap and improve call outcomes with call recording and training

Not only can you measure the impact of marketing efforts more accurately, but you can use the rich insights that are captured and integrated with your analytics software to make better decisions about future campaigns.

If you’d like to know more about how call tracking can transform your marketing efforts, get in touch now.

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