The Most Overlooked Search Tactic to Make you Money

Conversion Optimisation

When people talk about search marketing, they tend to talk about the keywords, ad copy and landing pages. Which is all good and well because afterall, these three levers are all key to improving campaign performance and improving overall ROI to your business.

But we believe it’s imperative to not only develop a test and learn strategy by using only these three levers, but it’s just as important to consider the landing page itself – landing page optimisation.

Landing page optimisation can have the largest impact on your conversion rate. You’ve already done most of the hard work to ensure the highest quality users are driven to the landing page through an optimised search campaign. Now it’s about converting these users into customers.

When looking at landing pages specifically, people usually talk about AB landing page testing where you run two landing pages simultaneously in the SEM campaign to determine which landing page generates a higher conversion rate and ROI for the business.

However, AB landing page testing can be limited. It only allows you test two elements of the landing page. If you’re running two completely different landing pages (i.e., with different content and/or layout), you are unable to determine the key driver of any change in performance.  Was it the new layout that improved the conversion rate, or was it the change in key imagery on the page?

The easiest and most efficient way to optimise landing pages is through conversion optimisation. Conversion optimisation, also known as Multivariate Testing (MVT), is the systematic process of identifying and testing multiple variables on a landing page to improve conversion rates and ROI. This allows you to test multiple variables, such as, headlines, copy, images, forms, layouts, call to actions, all simultaneously whilst maintaining a control – your current landing page.

From a development point of view, conversion optimisation can be easier to implement than A/B landing page testing as you don’t need to create any new landing pages, you just need to input code onto the landing page that you’re wanting to test as well as the conversion page. It’s that simple.

When it comes to conversion optimisation, one of the most important things to remember is to plan. Don’t just jump straight into it and set up a test. You need to sit down and decide on a strategy and list of hypothesis that could improve performance. From here you should list everything you want to test and brainstorm ideas for each of them.

While it might seem tempting to test everything at once, you need to consider how much traffic your site and landing page receives and take this into consideration when deciding how many sections and variables to test at any one time.

Just prioritise and remember that you can always create a second test, so start simple and concentrate on areas that will have the highest impact. Then watch the results roll in….

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