The inside scoop on DoubleClick’s Digital Leadership Summit and Selfie Sticks

The inside scoop on DoubleClick’s Digital Leadership Summit and Selfie Sticks


The FirstClick team recently ventured to the DoubleClick Leadership Summit. The event included multiple opportunities to network and gather industry insights that build on their armoury of intelligence to share with their clients or, at the very least, use in the local pub’s trivia night.

Importance of the ‘micro-moment’

A packed agenda included a look at how ‘micro-moments’, those snatched glimpses of decision making on ones smartphone, are changing the face of marketing. No longer do brands or marketers have the luxury of several seconds in which to convey their important brand message. Now the power is in the consumers hands… literally!

The smartphone has us well trained on how to research, act or behave in a split second. And we expect brands to be right there too with the same level of responsiveness. Google research back this up indicating that 82% of smartphone users consult their phones while they’re standing in a store deciding which product to buy. And one in 10 of those end up buying a different product than they had planned.*

This means marketers need to be more agile and plan to use the moment creatively and effectively. As marketers, we need to embrace this shift to bite sized media consumption and the Google ‘see’, ‘think’ and ‘do’ framework could help us to think about how to fuel the purchase funnel and not just conversion.

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Do you measure up? 

Another interesting topic du jour was the theme of measurability. Particularly interesting were developments and announcements around the Twitter integration into DoubleClick Bid Manager (DBM). This will allow marketers to view conversion and action on Twitter in the DoubleClick platform and means marketers have greater opportunity to analyse how Twitter works with other channels to drive performance.

Like Twitter, YouTube ad format TrueView will be added into DoubleClick. Not only will this have advantage of unifying measurement, it will also allow marketers to use features like cross-campaign frequency capping and unified audience insights. It will also incorporate Active View Metrics into DoubleClick to allow marketers to better gauge if display buys are being seen and works towards true marketing mix attribution.  This includes accounting for offline activity such as TV and aligning with digital. There are exciting plans for this to be integrated with Google Analytics Premium in 2016.

News from the Techies

Google Web Designer has recently launched which allows responsive creative design, a must when designing digital creative across multiple sizes, browsers and devices.

Plus Clement Schvartz, Director of Global Sales & Strategy at Google, showed new developments within the DoubleClick search functionality such as forecasting and prediction technologies, real time data support and real time optimisation and their own goal to become a search intelligence and not just a bidding platform.

Early adopters!

And finally here comes one for the pub trivia. Did you know that the selfie stick was first seen back in the 1995 book of 101 Un-Useless Japanese Inventions and was listed in Time magazine’s 25 best inventions last year? We were privy to search analytics on how this trend started in Asia and when the rest of the world caught on. Take a look at the rise and fall of search volumes in yellow below!

* (Google/Ipsos) “Consumers in the Micro Moment” – March 2015
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