SEO & Online PR – Two Peas in a Pod

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and online PR are inextricably linked, more so now than ever! When used in tandem, the two share many synergies in driving exceptional results online.


Public Relations, at its core, is about building a favourable public image, while SEO seeks to improve a brand’s visibility in search. Both disciplines essentially share the same goal online – to raise the profile of a company by establishing trust, authority and reputation with key audiences.

While well-optimised content provides a powerful form of brand awareness and reputation management for online PR, brand and reputation correlate with strong search results, making the two inseparable.


A key component of any PR campaign is generating positive media coverage. SEO plays a vital role in ensuring media releases, articles and announcements have better visibility online.Google’s Universal Search provides additional exposure via news, blogs, reviews, videos, images and more.

Similarly, off-site SEO involves generating coverage via inbound link acquisition.

Online PR is the key to building quality, authoritative, editorial links, through media relations, blogger outreach, industry partners and social engagement.

Leveraging both disciplines to create and distribute high-quality content is key.


While PR involves managing communications between an organisation and its publics, search engines provide the key means in reaching these audiences online. Whether they’re journalists, bloggers, influencers or brand advocates, active within news sites, blogs, forums or social communities, PR and SEO work hand in hand.

For both disciplines, social media plays a fundamental role. Not only are Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn powerful communication channels, both Google and Bing have confirmed the use of social signals within their algorithms.  Creating engaging content and participating in conversations not only encourages ‘likes’, ‘tweets’ and ‘shares’, it generates positive coverage, brand awareness and links -, a win-win all round!

Using SEO and online PR in isolation is no longer enough, as one will not survive without the other. A holistic, integrated approach to online marketing is essential in maximising performance online.

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