Real Time data & Google Analytics Platinum

Recently, Google Analytics Blog made 2 announcements: Google Analytics will soon be able to provide real time data and Google has released Google Analytics Platinum, a  paid version of Google Analytics targeted specifically at corporate enterprises.

Real Time Reports

Up until now, Google Analytics has only been able to provide reports on visits up to at least 24 hours in the past. With these latest reports, which are being released over time, you will be able to see what you website visitors are doing as it happens.

You will be able to see the number of active users within your website, where they came from (traffic channel), and even the keywords used. Sent a tweet with a link to your site? Now you can see the exact impact as it happens.

To be able to get the full benefits of real-time reports, you will need to ensure Google Analytics installation has been correctly implemented as well as ensure all marketing channels (i.e. Display, CPC, E-Mail, etc) have been correctly tagged.

Unfortunately there are some restrictions to using the real-time reports, you must:

  • Be an account administrator
  • Not have any filters applied to the account.

If you want to try out the new real-time reports, sign up here:


Google Analytics Platinum

As mentioned above, Google Analytics Platinum is primarily targeted at enterprises, although currently only available within the US, Canada, and the UK.  The cost will be a fixed annual fee, which is set by Google or through Google Analytics Platinum Retailers.

Benefits of Google Analytics Platinum include:

  • Additional data available for reports, with the ability to view reports with billions of hits as oppsed to the current 50M, and the use of up to 50 custom variables to provide deeper insights into user behaviour
  • Advanced analytics through attribution modelling of your various marketing campaigns
  • Secure data with a Service Level Agreement of up to 99.9% in any calendar month, as well as you will own the data
  • Your own personal account manager to assist with setup, technical and business training and general support.

So to get the competitive edge, it’s definitely in your best interests to ensure you’re leveraging these new Google Analytics tools as soon as possible. If you already are, do you have any feedback?

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