Movember Update

We are just over half-way through Movember and wanted to post an update on how our “Mo-Bros” are coping with the additional fuzz on their upper lips. The tickly and tormenting furry face ferrets are starting to take form; like a magnificent piece of architecture, such as a cathedral, our cookie dusters are becoming natural wonders. Majestic like a lion’s mane, those with face foliage are proudly sporting their sexy soup strainers.

In fact it is quite astonishing what a lip rug can do for your confidence… Striding out into the morning, the breeze blowing gently through your facial hair, or basking it in glorious moonlight; this is something that a man can take pride in.

As well as being incredibly manly, FirstClick have also managed to raise over $800 so far! We want to raise a lot more though, and we need your help, so please sponsor us here:

So let’s see how the teams are doing… The Sydney team seem to have embraced their new look, showing confidence as they grip their tennis table bats. They look like they can take on anyone (especially another 3 man table tennis team)! I particularly like Gary’s steely look of conviction, you can see it in his eyes, this man has come to grow a moustache and play table tennis!

Movember Sydney FirstClick team
Alec, Jim & Gary











Like a shot from ‘The Usual Suspects’ the Melbourne team look fierce, like nothing can stand in their way. Their look is all about “bring it on, we can handle it!”

Movember Melbourne FirstClicj team
Francesco, Simon, Socrates, Michael, Mark & Shon














Another update will be posted at the end of Movember, and we can only imagine how much better these hirsute “Mo-Bros” are going to look!

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