Missed ad:tech Australia? FirstClick’s top 15 not-to-be-missed insights

As we do each year to stay abreast of the hottest topics in digital marketing, this week the FirstClick team attended ad:tech Australia, the #1 media and marketing conference in Australia.

ad:tech Australia 2014

It was a packed agenda featuring some of the world’s most famous brands and some of Australia’s biggest success stories.

If you missed it, we’ve collated some of the best insights form the event.

FirstClick’s SEM Specialist Jim provides his top insights on Creating Brilliant Connected Mobile Experiences presented by Telstra.

Key take-outs:

  1. In line with today’s mobile explosion, adopt a “smart phone first” line of thinking with all of your digital marketing activities
  2. Use Mobile responsive design over m.sites
  3. There is a significant rise in smartphone/tablet use as a secondary screen during television and live events – leverage this engagement to promote your brand on different channels at once.

Our SEM Account Manager Una gained some great insights from McDonalds in their session on Track My Macca’s – Using Digital as a Strategic Platform for Generating an Emotional Connection. She also attended the Killer UX Design session presented by Symplicit and shares her top tips:

  1. Immerse – get creative with how you engage your users with your website design and useability and put yourself in their shoes.
  2. Create – use the tools you are comfortable with and get everyone involved. Keep sketching until you get it right.
  3. Prove – a beta test should help you realise what is important and this phase should not be rushed. The most important thing is to get users to validate design and conception and plan for multiple rounds of experimentation.
  4. Launch – decide if you will charge for the app or not. Charging for apps can create barriers and people are more forgiving about updates and bugs if they haven’t paid.
  5. Having a good framework is critical.
  6. Include both iOS and Android to ensure you can communicate with as much of your audience as possible.
  7. Make relevant content social and shareable and bring the content outside of the app to push the content further.

Our Biggest Search Geek Rich had the following insights about ad:tech:

  1. It was really interesting to listen to the discussions around attribution.  One agency in particular considered ‘first click’ to be the source of truth.  While ‘first click’ probably provides better insights and will better inform media spend than ‘last click’, neither model hits the nail on the head.  Whether we work on a time decay, distance decay or linear model, I think the Australian market has some room for growth in this area.
  2. iBeacon and proximity based marketing is blurring the lines between experiential and digital.  It’s exciting to see that the evolution over the past 12 months and the use cases coming forward.  I can’t wait until the day I walk past Subway and get an offering for 30% off my favourite lunch.

From the content sessions, Marketing & Operations Director Angie highlighted the following insights:

  1. Start with the user’s experience at the core of everything you do with content creation. Don’t create content purely to tick off a commercial objective. Instead, focus on providing content your customers want. You want to entertain them, make them more knowledgeable, engage them or give them something they will find genuinely useful.
  2. To have a great content strategy and execution, you need buy-in at the top. If the C-level suite isn’t on board, it’ll never take off. A good content strategy is part of the business, not just the marketing department.
  3. Good content strategies require a long term commitment. The fruits of your labour can take months and even years to eventuate. You’re in it for the long haul – no dabbling!

Over the next week we’ll share some deeper insights from the different sessions so please make sure you check our blog for more on ad:tech Australia 2014.

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