Latest Google Panda update – thoughts & findings

Google recently announced an update to Panda. Google’s Matt Cutts, has previously stated that Panda updates would rollout over course of 10 days each month, to soften the impact that it has on webmasters when the change happens at once. In this blog we will share our findings on this latest roll out.

Firstly, what was the update? After the last update, Google has been looking for ways to “soften” the impact by looking at other quality metrics to move those sites that are in the ‘grey area’ or ‘border’ to not be impacted by the Panda algorithm.

Since the update started to roll out on July 18th, those who actively monitor search key phrases have noticed significant variations. For example, a site may rank for a specific keyword phrase, vanish hours later, and then return either relatively in the same position or experience a large change.

Search Engine Watch provided a good summary of some of the initial results of the roll out so far, including the impact on both informational sites and authority sites.

Google has previously stated they want to give authority sites more prominence in the search results. Of course, that also means that they need to update their signals in the search algorithm on how Google is determining what is authority versus what are simply spam sites mimicking the authority. This update seems to be targeting authoritative sites – and more specifically what should be considered an authority website and what shouldn’t be.

According to Search Metrics, the Winners and Losers list for 21st July 2013 were mostly informational sites. The sites that were affected in SEO visibility were song lyric sites which have been known to contain thin content and heavy on advertisements. Informational sites such as, and performed well post-panda because these sites are usually content rich and contain little advertisement.


While this latest Google Panda update seems to have had less of an impact than we have seen from previous updates, we will definitely see more fluctuations in search results as Google continues to monitor how this new update is impacting the search results, and tweak the algorithm accordingly.

Have you been affected by the latest Google Panda update?

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