The last days of Movember

The first week of Movember was fun, as the beginnings of a bristly beasty began brewing and I got to see once again how ridiculous I look with a moustache. The second week held in store a range of irritating consequences; the itching and constant stroking of my face ferret, little hairs tickling my mouth when I eat or talk. Without doubt the worst week of the month!

During the third week the itchiness declined and a growing sense of self-awareness became evident as I started to realise that no matter what I wear or how well presented I try and make myself, I am going to look like an idiot! Break out your best Calvin Klein’s, your nicest two tone Armani shirt and a shiny watch for a night out with the guys… Style your hair and take one last look in the mirror, to see this hairy monster taking up face real estate like an unwanted squatter. Sigh and leave.

The fourth week brought with it a different emotion, a slow swelling of pride as the tash passes its adolescence, reaching maturity like a fine wine. There were points when the thought, fleeting though it was, entered my mind to keep the beast. And now as the last few days draw closer like the coming tide I am in juxtaposition between being glad and sad of the inevitable gallows that will rend this face fur from me.

So I will let it bask in the sunlight a few final times, let the breeze gently rustle my whiskers, and like the parting of a dear friend (who is also a bit annoying and something of a social embarrassment) bid him adieu.

But this emotional social roller coaster was not for nothing, no, it has a more serious motivation and that is to raise money for prostate cancer research. To that goal, we at FirstClick have raised over $1,800!!! So we would like to thank all of those who have donated and in addition, would like to ask anyone who can afford to, to make a last minute donation and help us reach the $2,000 mark.

You can sponsor us by following this link: FirstClick Movember Donations

This is what you have / are sponsoring, starting with the Sydney Movember team…

Sydney Team Movember


And the Melbourne Movember team…

Melbourne Team Movember

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