Have you missed the mobile explosion?

Have you missed the mobile explosion?

Last week we were privy to hearing the results of the IAB Mobile’s 3rd Landscape Research conducted by the Hoop Group and saw a snapshot of what’s going on in the mobile industry in Australia.

The findings highlighted that mobile revenue is finally beginning to catch up to consumer demand. With significant traffic (50-70% in some cases) coming from mobile, the gap is beginning to close with advertisers cottoning on and following the eyeballs.

IAB’s CEO Alice Manners explained that mobile ad spend is now bigger than other categories including outdoor, metro radio and press and is set to increase further in 2016.

The research showed marketers are planning to spend an additional 26% on mobile, with 47% of this going across both tablet and smartphone.

While the mobile market has exploded recently, and has a few years of maturity under its belt, but as agreed by the IAB discussion panel, mobile is still viewed as the poor relation to digital and traditional advertising formats. Part of this is down to the lack of understanding of marketers and agencies around the complexity of the technologies, particularly programmatic buying. There is still a need for further education to improve saliency.

Key strengths marketers see with mobile over other channels is the location based, immediacy, targeting and prioritisation. All panellists agreed there is still room to improve with case studies to prove the effectiveness of the channel required.

A whopping 93% of marketers are currently satisfied with the effectiveness of mobile advertising, an increase on 2014 figures.

Some advertisers though are using mobile exceptionally well. Yates, with their intuitive My Garden App, have demonstrated a genuine customer benefit through the use of innovation and technology and are able to link the customer experience to the path to purchase seamlessly and effectively. Amnesty International’s partnership with the Tinder platform, created the award winning ‘Tinder Takeover’ which effectively targeted females in their cause to support gender equality on International Women’s Day in 2014 and generated impressive results.

Images courtesy of Amnesty International and Yates
Images courtesy of Amnesty International and Yates

On mobiles, search represents 15% of browsing time, and is an important channel for social activities and purchasing. With brands expecting to use mobile video in 43% of their campaigns next year, advertisers and agencies will need to continue to educate themselves to understand the channel and treat it with the same importance as their customers do.

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For further information on the research visit http://www.iabaustralia.com.au/research-and-resources/research-resources/item/1887-2015-mobile-landscape-survey-results

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