Google latest AdWords innovations – what’s in it for advertisers?

Last week Google announced their biggest advancements to AdWords since the rollout of Enhanced Campaigns last year. While the introduction of enhanced campaigns controversially took away some targeting capabilities, there was no such controversy with this announcement and only new additions have been revealed. Similar to enhanced campaigns, the major changes are centred on helping advertisers connect to users on Mobile.

Here’s a snapshot of what we think are the best opportunities for advertisers.

Mobile Apps

While there were a number of new features announced, the biggest opportunity for advertisers is around improvements to mobile app advertising.

So how will the latest AdWords innovations be able to help?

1. For search, AdWords will now provide keyword suggestions specifically around apps to help drive more downloads. These keyword suggestions will be fuelled from data that has been collated from Google Play
2. A new Display solution that aims to better reach users for your app. This is based on other app usage information that Google has gathered about the user
3. Encourages app downloads on YouTube TrueView videos
4. To help reconnect users to existing downloaded apps, app ads will soon have the capability to Deep link” to pages within existing downloaded apps
5. Improvements will be made in regards to tracking and measurement of apps within AdWords. This will aid measurement of conversions across the entire lifecycle of the app, from installation by the consumer to re-engagement including repeat purchases, allowing analysis of the lifetime value of each customer.

Aside from tracking apps, Google are also continuing to promote the value of cross device measurement and stated they will continue to invest in Estimated Total Conversions. If you’re new to Estimated Total Conversions, basically AdWords estimates how many additional conversions were achieved via users who start as a click on one device and end as a conversion on another device.  This is estimated using data from people who have signed in to Google.

Exactly how this “continued investment” will translate into improvements of this metric is a little short on detail at this stage, but we will keep you updated on how this progresses.

Tools for the backend

The other new features announced were centred on helping digital marketers improve management of campaigns within the AdWords interface, to achieve greater efficiency and scale.

  • Create Draft campaigns with ability to test ideas or run within experiments to gauge what effect changes would have on your campaigns
  • Automated bidding updates to allow advertisers to automate bidding to either maximise conversions or maximise revenues, previously only available to maximise clicks
  • Bulk uploads with the ability to make changes (e.g. location targeting, ad rotations, etc)  direct in the interface
  • Enhanced reporting features that allows users to drag and drop, within the interface to save you having to download into excel for pivot creation.

In a nutshell

Overall, there’s nothing revolutionary in the announcement, but there are some nice new features worth exploring, with improvements in mobile apps being the biggest opportunity for advertisers.  Further developments in cross device are welcome and we look forward to hearing more details about how this will actually change and what opportunities it will bring.   There’s also some handy interface improvements that should help digital marketers work better directly within AdWords.

The changes are expected to rollout over the next few months.

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