Google continues to test search results formats

While Google have made many iterations and changes to their search results over the past decade, I can’t recall a time when so many parallel tests were occurring simultaneously.

We’ve recently seen a number of changes to the way URLs and domains are displayed.  A typical set of results will include the domain, URI and/or breadcrumbs under the results title:

However, three tests we’ve detected recently include changes to this format:

1.  A complete absence of the domain and URL

No domain URL

2. A lack of URI within the URL, this makes it much harder to identify where within the site structure the content being displayed sits

No URI within the URL

 3. The strangest of all, including the domain above the search result

Domain above the search result

Additionally Google appear to be trialling a set of desktop ads that use a similar ad tile to what we have recently seen rolled out for mobile.

Ad tiles

The core message here is that Google is continually testing its results format in order to provide the best user experience, (and the best revenue), and corporate websites need to follow suit.

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