Google Analytics introduces Doubleclick integration features

Google announced many new product updates at the Google Analytics Summit in Mountain View last week.  A few of the updates relate to integration with ad serving platform DoubleClick.  Google has now lifted the veil on DoubleClick and is finally offering integrated reporting as well as demographic data as new features in the Google Analytics interface.  This is exciting news for advertisers who heavily rely on both SEM and display advertising and use Google Analytics to map behaviour and conversion to acquisition channels.

Demographic data and web-activity based remarketing is now available

Leveraging the Google Display Network for demographic data will offer Google Analytics an unparalleled competitive advantage to help businesses determine most valuable consumers, build effective user experience and develop retargeting plans.  Dimensions include gender, age and interests that align with Google Display audience categories.  Users can view side-by-side demographic segments across reports as well as take advantage of a remarketing pilot that will allow for simple and dynamic audience retargeting.

Image courtesy of Google
Image courtesy of Google

At the Google Analytics Summit keynote, Babak Pahlavan, Global Product Director, shared Forrester research proving the value of remarketing to the ecommerce purchase funnel; conversion rates are increased up to 8x by targeting shopping cart abandoners and 17x among people who started but did not complete a transaction.  Remarketing will allow Google Analytics users to target these consumers as well as other segments based on web-activity.  For example, advertise loyalty messaging to high value consumers with greater than three page views per visit or consideration messaging to single page (bounced) visitors.

Post-impression visitors are now viewable in multi-channel funnels

Another major new feature is the ability to view post-impression visitors from DoubleClick in multi-channel funnels.  This data was formally only available in DoubleClick through spotlight tagging and visible in Google Analytics to a limited number of whitelist users.  Google has closed the loop for lost advertising value and we will likely begin to see a slight increase in the impact of display on conversion.  Especially with Google Analytics’s option to customize up to a 90 day look-back window, advertisers with a longer purchase cycle will benefit from this addition.

Automated tagging is a priority for Google and there’s more to come

There is good news for analysts too.  Google Analytics also announced the addition of automated event tagging in Google Tag Manager.  Smart automation is a clear priority on the Google Analytics product roadmap.  Consider the automated parameter (gclid) in AdWords; a similar tagging automation for DoubleClick campaign tagging would greatly help analysts and media operations alike and free up time for analysts to focus on insights.

What does this mean for your business?  

The Google Analytics and DoubleClick integration will allow for more flexibility measuring conversion activity across search and display and additional clarity when assessing the value of each channel.  Using Google Analytics to its full potential will help savvy businesses uncover behavioural and conversion opportunities and make optimizations that grow revenue and improve ROI.

Advertisers should work with their analytics teams to:

  • Conduct a thorough re-evaluation of cross-channel reporting and attribution models
  • Set up demographic reports and mine for age, gender and interest related insights
  • Identify remarketing opportunities across user segments and understand budget requirements

If you have any questions or want to learn how you can leverage the new Google Analytics and DoubleClick integrated features to grow your business, please ask below or reach out to your Account Manager.

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