Google Analytics Integrates Multi-Channel Conversion Funnels

Yesterday Google announced its multi-channel conversion funnel reports are finally out of Beta and available to all Analytics profiles. We have been anticipating this release for quite some time now, initially Google has released 5 reports which will give you full path analysis data for conversions over a 30 day period.

What is it?

Previous, as with most web analytics software packages, website conversions were completely credited to the final (last) click. This means that if a visitor came to your website 6 times in the past week, each time using a different traffic channel (organic, paid search, display etc.) the last channel they used before finally converting would be reported by Google Analytics. With the 5 new reports we are now able to understand which traffic channel (to an extent marketing channel too) are ‘assisting’ in visitors converting on-site.

Google Analytics Multi Conversion Funnel

Grouping Path

Is it Important?

Similar functionality has been available in other web analytics tools for some time now. Omniture offers a similar view through its ‘marketing channel report’ which was an optional additional to the site catalyst product. Google Analytics have released multi-channel conversion funnel reports as standard feature within the Google Analytics suite. Of course to obtain maximum value out of this you will need to ensure you have correctly tagged up your marketing sources & mediums with utm tags.

The ability to attribute conversion across the last click channel as well as give credit to the various other traffic channels as assists enables us to understand exactly how visitors found your website, over a period of time and which traffic channels work best together.

Google Explains

Below is Google’s official video explaining how the new reports work:

To be Continued…

Stay tuned for a full diagnosis of all reports and how you can leverage Google Analytics to optimise your marketing campaigns to drive higher conversions and ultimately increase your revenue.

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