Getting strategic value from Google Analytics Premium

Getting strategic value from Google Analytics Premium

There is plenty of buzz about Google Analytics Premium (GAP) and its ramped-up offering in the data and analytics space. With the ability to capture data from an incredible 1 billion hits per month – plus the capability to create 200 custom dimensions – GAP is a significant step forward, especially for those already using the free version.

Its buzz is warranted. Companies in highly competitive industries like insurance and financial services and travel need new ways to stay one step ahead – and GAP presents an opportunity to better understand the hundreds of thousands of potential customers interacting with your brand every day.

Yet, GAP itself is simply a tool. To get strategic value from this tool, companies should think hard about how they are going to use the data it captures and, more importantly, how they can extract meaningful insights from all this data.

The good news is that Google Analytics (both the free and premium version) is designed for ease of use. Anyone from CEOs through to marketing executives can take a look at GAP reports and get an instant picture of the performance of web assets and marketing efficiency. It is designed so that marketing teams can easily analyse the data to make better informed decisions.

But GAP’s real potential requires deeper thinking. To make game-changing decisions – that is, those that push your company ahead of the rest – you need to make use of GAP’s granular dimensioning and dive far deeper into the behaviour of segments.

Sophisticated marketers are leveraging the power of GAP to develop more effective marketing programs – by using the data from the entire customer journey to make smarter & faster decisions.

A great example is pulling offline data into the tool to look beyond what generates leads and into the source of valuable acquisitions. This creates a clear picture of the end-to-end customer journey and makes better sense of conversion data. It shows, for example, which advertisements, keywords or campaigns generate real revenue for the business.

Weave these insights in with the ‘dimensionality’ of GAP – that is, the ability to segment customers across 200 variables – and you have the capacity to slice and dice data like never before.

This is where the monetisation of GAP lies. Deep, granular pieces of data lead to rich insights, which in turn lead to smarter business strategies.

Putting GAP into practice

FirstClick is one of few authorised Google Analytics Premium Resellers in Australia, and is already helping companies like Toyota and the Page Group to implement the powerful platform and get the best possible ROI through data-driven decision making.

Through our deep understanding of the strategic value of the tool, we can help enterprises tap into its possibilities and leverage data and insights in new and exciting ways.

Ready to take your analytical insights to the next level? Get in touch now.

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