Get a slice of the Spotify pie in 2015

Get a slice of the Spotify pie in 2015

As 2014 draws to a close, we’re increasingly seeing digital marketers broaden their horizons (and budgets) beyond the traditional focus on Google and even the major social platforms like Facebook and Twitter, and looking to emerging opportunities to reach prospects and customers in a relevant and engaging way.

The key driver is the growing trend of digital natives adopting new platforms like Tumblr, Snapchat and Spotify, and choosing these as their online ‘hang-outs’. Marketers recognise they need to move with the changing tide and think about how to engage with customers on these channels.

Amongst these new social spaces, we believe music streaming platforms like Spotify will drive some of biggest transformations in digital advertising in 2015.

With up to five million users in Australia – and growing – Spotify provides marketers with a range of options for reaching out to niche audiences, including video, audio and rich media display ads. It is a compelling option for marketers looking to move their budget away from traditional channels like TVC.

The music platform provides an emotive and engaging space within which to reach new audiences and connect with them like never before. But the cost for premium ad placements on Spotify can be inhibiting for all but the major brands.

If you’re not ready to commit a significant proportion of your digital budget to a new platform like Spotify just yet, you can still dip your toes in the water and reach different audiences on multiple devices – it just takes a little strategy and thinking outside the box.

Here are three spot-on marketing strategies that put Spotify and social stalwart Facebook to use to reach targeted audiences and engage with them in very effective ways.

1. Amplify your brand to target audiences, on all devices, using video too.

Using the ad placements on Spotify Free – plus new opt-in video and audio placements – you can speak to a very specific audience. Think of it as niche, interactive radio targeting for the 21st century, across all your audience’s devices.

2. Sponsor a 30 minute playlist session on Spotify.

You can sponsor sessions on Spotify and have some fun linking back to competitions or promotions on Facebook. For example, a surf brand may choose to sponsor a chilled out surf-themed playlist – then, if a user shares the playlist on Facebook, they could enter a competition to win a summer beach pack.

3. Encourage a community playlist, then brand it.

Leveraging the connection with Facebook, encourage your community to build a playlist on Spotify by sharing their favourite tunes – perhaps around a particular theme that resonates with your brand. Carnival Cruise Lines did this and got great results, as this case study shows.

Whichever way you choose to use Spotify, the key is to include it in some way, shape or form in your 2015 marketing strategy. Spotify provides a powerful way to engage with diverse audiences, and is likely to secure long-term brand loyalty if you get it right.

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