Get Your Share of almost $18 Billion this Christmas with Mobile-Friendly Labels

With Christmas just a few weeks away, strategies are being implemented, budgets confirmed and parties scheduled – Christmas is a key time for many brands to cash in on their share of almost $18 Billion being spent online in Australia during this festive period.

Whilst organic strategies have been ramping up to this all year, there is perhaps a new little adjustment to Google mobile search results that could land you a nice slice of organic billion dollar pie this year; Mobile-friendly labels.

What are they?

A ‘Mobile-friendly’ text label is added to Google mobile search results when a website offers a positive mobile experience, such as responsive design or dedicated mobile website.

example mobile label serp

Why Should I Care?

  • 8% of Christmas shopping this season is estimated to be on mobile
  • Google has publicly announced their preference to rank mobile friendly sites in organic search results – this goes one step further to highlight the sites that are mobile friendly.
  • A mobile friendly site could potentially enjoy an increased click through rate from having the label despite not ranking as highly – which gives you a higher share of organic traffic.

Example of Mobile Labels in Action

mobile serp example

Imagine this scenario. A prospective customer searches for a generic term such as ‘credit cards’.

The prospect lands on this search results page – which do they click on?

Traditionally we would suggest the top three mobile results would receive the majority of clicks, however in this example, searchers may perhaps visit those in positions four to six, that offer a mobile friendly experience.

How do I get mobile friendly labels?

Whether or not a site gets the label is determined by whether the site offers either a dedicated mobile (E.g. m.) or responsive website that adheres to best practices.

You can test whether a site is eligible by either performing a brand search in Google and checking it out (if you don’t rank for your brand name you probably want to get in touch with us!) or using this site to run a test.

Read more info about it here.

I don’t have mobile friendly labels, but I have a mobile site…

  • If you have a responsive or mobile site but aren’t getting the mobile friendly labels, point your Development team to the Google mobile friendly test website to find out why and how.
  • If you don’t have a responsive or mobile website then you should prioritise this as a key action. At FirstClick we recommend responsive design in most cases.

Whilst this is one small change in the ever-changing organic landscape, the sheer ‘name and shame’ approach might just be enough to get a few brands over the line in 2015 to offering a mobile friendly experience.

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