Five SEM Betas Your Organisation Needs to Know About

One of the great things about SEM is how constantly evolving it is. New offerings, ad formats, products, targeting, reporting and tools are constantly being developed and tested, creating a dynamic and exciting landscape. However, the challenge lies within keeping up to date with all the changes and filtering out what can truly be beneficial for your brand.

In 2012, we have seen a range of betas come to market. As the year rapidly comes to an end, it’s a great time to step back and review what changes have the most potential to help your business, so here are five worth exploring:

1) Remarketing in Search

The development of retargeting on the display network has been hugely beneficial for all types of businesses. Now with the introduction of a new tool; Retargeting in Search, the benefits of remarketing can be leveraged within SERPs.

It allows your business to develop unique search strategies based on if a user has been to your site and how they have interacted with it.  Get creative, and think how you can use this knowledge to tailor your bidding, adapt ad copy and identify broader keywords that may normally be out of reach.

2) Remarketing with Google Analytics

An exciting development that not only allows management of remarketing lists within Google Analytics, but can help your brand become more advanced in remarketing efforts.

Remarketing with Analytics allows you to create sophisticated lists based on familiar Google Analytics metrics such as pages viewed, how the visitor found your site (traffic source), location, time on site and goal completions. It’s still early days, but thebusiness options are plentiful, so get planning and get testing!

It’s definitely worth finding out more about remarketing with Google Analytics.

3) Product Listing Ads

With Christmas around the corner, Product Listings Ads (PLA) are a must for any ecommerce website. PLAs create a more engaging user experience by displaying richer product information, such as product images and price within paid search results.

Example Product Listing Ads

Although, these campaigns don’t require keywords or text, it’s still critical to spend some time ensuring the campaign structure is optimal and an appropriate bid management strategy is in place. For example, start by having your best-selling products in their own ad group/s and elevate their bids to ensure they gain prominence.

Find out more about Product Listing Ads.

4) Enhanced Sitelinks

Gaining more real estate at no extra cost is a no brainer. Enhanced sitelinks were rolled out globally in September and provides businesses with a greater opportunity to stand out from the crowd. To trigger these extensions ensures your campaign has multiple active ads in your account with the same landing page URLs as your sitelinks.

Enhanced sitelinks

Again, worth a read on Enhanced Sitelinks to find out how your brand can benefit.

5) Bid-per-Call

Yet to reach the sunny shores of Australia, it’s an exciting prospect.  Bid-per-call allows you to use unique Google forwarding numbers within your search ads, providing a quick and easy way for your customers to “connect instantly”. As being a unique number, it also allows detailed call reporting within the Adwords interface.

Bid per call

Further to this, you can set a separate maximum bid that you are willing to pay for phone calls, which is great if you know a phone call is more valuable than a click, allowing you to bid higher and gain greater prominence on the page. Bid-per-call is definitely one to look out for in the New Year.

That’s our top five for 2012. If you’d like to chat to us about how we can help your brand implement them, get in touch. What new features/betas are you most excited by?

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