FirstClick attends the Adobe Symposium

Myself, Rich and Mark recently attended the Adobe Digital Marketing Symposium in Sydney and walked away with some fantastic insights I’d like to share.

Adobe Marketing Cloud is offering cutting edge solutions to meet the most agonising business challenges.  Adobe’s goal is to inspire disruption in the partners it supports and provide outside the box solutions to enterprise level brands looking to take their data and analytics to the next level.

The product highlights mentioned span topical themes around personalisation, deriving insights from data and cross-channel measurement. They include:

–          Contribution Analysis: As an analytics professional this was the most exciting announcement of the day. It takes the typical job of an analyst and turns it into an automated validation approach. Contribution analysis identifies key trends across the site and then takes it a step further by identifying the source of those changes; so if traffic from mobile spiked this month, contribution analysis will scan your data and tell you why!

–          Master Marketing Profiles: Advances in individual profile management now provide greater opportunities to deliver personalised experiences across marketing channels; the Master Marketing Profile provides real time contextualised user data as well as opportunities to analyse, test, personalise and optimise down to the individual level; this is a great feature to access a 360-view of your customers.

–          MMX (Sneak): While it’s not available yet, Adobe is working on an MMM product that looks at your historical cross-channel performance, adjusts for market factors and tells you how to allocate your budget most effectively.  It’s a great customisable tool, however it begs the question – is it too good to be true?

For more information on the Adobe Marketing Cloud, get in touch. We’d love to chat.


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