December’s must-know snippets of digital info

December’s must-know snippets of digital info

Last month was a busy one for the team, particularly for Rich, our Head of Data, Analytics and Reporting, who entered The Marin Software and SMX Biggest Social Geek competition and took out first place in Australia!

It’s been an unusually quiet month in the Search space, but none-the-less, a few updates and reports have caught our attention:

  • Mobile Friendly labels live in the search results
  • AIMIA mobile and device research released
  • Google reveals Penguin update is now “Continuous”
  • Ad viewability study released
  • Google launched new AdWords Editor
  • Google updated Lightbox ads
  • Facebook launched its own search tool.

Google adds ‘mobile-friendly’ label to mobile search results

You might have noticed a little mobile friendly icon pop-up in mobile searches. Google has made it easier to identify sites that offer quality mobile experiences. A page is eligible for a mobile friendly label if they meet certain criteria set by Google. If you want to make sure that your site meets the mobile-friendly criteria you can check your pages with the Mobile-Friendly Test.

For more information on how to make your website mobile friendly, read our SEO Director Andrew’s blog post “Get Your Share of almost $18 Billion this Christmas with Mobile-Friendly Labels”.

Mobile Friendly Labels FirstClick Consulting

AIMIA research released – Mobile phone use compared to tablet and desktop

AIMIA has released their latest research on mobile phone usage. The results simply reiterate the importance of offering a multi-device experience to your customers and ensuring your marketing strategy targets users across multi-devices for maximum business results. If your brand is not maximising mobile and devices other than desktop, you’re missing major revenue opportunities.

Key out-takes include:

  • 91% of people use their mobile beyond voice and text – 10 years ago this was only 31%
  • When given a choice, 50% of people would choose a mobile phone instead of a PC or tablet
  • Tickets were the most readily bought item on mobile phones, followed by digital content and clothes/shoes/jewellery.
  • 67% of people were satisfied with the purchase experience on their mobile phone, compared to 91% on their computer. Computers were the preferred device for making purchases due to being ‘easier to read’ and the ‘security’.
  • Only a small percentage of people currently use their mobile as a credit card/EFTPOS/TV remote, yet over 30% of users would like to be able to.

Download the full report here.

Google reveals Penguin is now a “continuous” update

Google has confirmed Penguin is now “continuous”. A Google spokesperson told Search Engine Land:

“That last big update is still rolling out – though really there won’t be a particularly distinct end-point to the activity, since Penguin is shifting to more continuous updates. The idea is to keep optimising as we go now.”

The best way to ensure your website doesn’t suffer any adverse effects from the continuous Penguin update, is to invest in content creation and promotion that earns you links. This reinforces the importance of a quality Content Strategy for your brand. Absolutely fundamental if you want to see the best SEO results for your brand. If you don’t have a solid strategy in place, we’d be very happy to help you along the way so please get in touch.

5 Factors affecting ad viewability

Google has conducted a study to find out what factors affect ad viewability across the display network. One interesting finding: above the fold does not always mean viewable.

Key out-takes from this study include:

  • Page position matters. The most viewable position is right above the fold, not at the top of the page.
  • The most viewable ad sizes are vertical units. Not a surprise, since they stay on screen longer as users move around a page.
  • Page position isn’t always the best indicator of viewability. Not all above-the-fold impressions are viewable, while many below-the-fold impressions are.

An infographic of the study can be found here.

Google overhauls AdWords Editor and releases version 11.0

Good news for AdWords fans, if you haven’t already upgraded your AdWords Editor then it’s time to do so.

Google announced during a livestream that the update to 11.0 “represents the biggest update to the application since we released it in 2006″.

See more information about the changes on the Inside Adwords blog.

Update to Lightbox ads make mobile easier

Reinvented Lightbox ads are now available for all AdWords advertisers globally. This means that these ads can now be used across all smart phones and tablets and can engage audiences on any screen.

Watch the video below to learn more.

Facebook Search no longer shows search results from Bing – New search tool to launch this month

The social networking site has stopped including Bing results and plans to launch their own search tool this month.

Last month also saw Facebook introduce new search functionality where users can search for past conversations, comments and information. These changes will only help improve your targeting capabilities and conversions on ads on Facebook.

Articles we’ve been reading:

Have you seen anything interesting you think we should have included in the round-up? Be sure to let us know. We love all things search so don’t be shy about commenting or getting in touch for a chat.

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