4 Reasons to Treat your Search Marketing Agency as your Business Partner

You may think your Internet Marketing Agency is just another supplier. But your search marketing agency can be so much more than that. If you want to get the most out of your search dollars, you need to make your chosen search agency a seamless extension of your business – a partner.

1. Your Search Agency Needs Help Only You Can Provide

No matter how good your search agency is or how much experience they have, they can’t do their job alone. They need information, and the only place they can get it is from the people working in the various departments of your company.

Your branding and product/service development departments can keep the search agency in the loop about upcoming products that will need visibility, descriptors to use with keywords, the kind of content (writing) styles to use, and how to interact with clients.

The PR, marketing and sales departments can keep your search agency updated on current conversion rates (which keywords, pages, referrers, and techniques worked best), products/services to focus on or push, and big news items the company has that could be used to generate content, build links, and increase visibility.

Customer service teams are also an ideal source for content, keywords, ad ideas, and other tools your search agency can use to improve the results of various campaigns.  You’ll make your search agency’s work more effective and improve your bottom line, just by working together.

2. SEO, SEM, Social Media and More

Social media and personalisation influence SEO and SEM more than ever before. Unfortunately, your SEO team can’t run your marketing department, and the marketing department can’t be your SEO/SEM provider. They have to work together.

Keywords and behavioural targeting can help people find your content through site search, and make it more appealing to the right audience. Your SEO, social media and other marketing will all be more effective when they’re fully integrated with each other.

3. Search Agencies Handle More Than Just SEO and Paid Advertising

The main reason you probably hired a search agency was to improve your search rankings, or run your PPC campaigns. But it can do so much more.

For example, your search partner can help push down a negative listing in the search results, when you’ve had a bad situation get worse, or when you’re simply looking to build up your reputation or authority. (We call this “reputation management”.)

They can also help you launch new products or marketing plans, either by adding to their existing keyword lists or starting a new campaign. You can target a specific audience, test certain pages, and get to know your ideal customers and their needs.

Link building strategies such as outreach and content placement programs can build connections and open the window to opportunities.

These are just a few examples of how your search agency could help you and your business succeed.

4. Make Changes on the Fly and Be Ready for Anything

Things move pretty fast in the business world, but online things can move even faster. So, if something changes, you need to be ready to act just as quickly (one example is using a news item or hot social network topic to market a particular product or service). But if your search partner doesn’t know anything about it, how can they possibly help you?

Working closely with your SEO/SEM agency also means you’ll know what they’re doing, what techniques they’re using and how things are going. You’ll always have a good idea where things are at, so you’re less likely to get a nasty surprise.

As you can see, treating your SEO and SEM agency as a partner rather than just a supplier gives you a huge advantage over your competition. How could you possibly pass that up?

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